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I'm Sandra, thanks for coming to my website 🙂

I'm an artist, born in Havana, Cuba, and now hailing from Portland, Oregon. I work on indie games and comics, I paint, do illustration, and love to draw. 

I come from a family of creative-types (architects, film directors, musicians, etc...) and science-types (geophysical engineers, chemists, doctors, etc...) which more or less explains my cross-industry professional pursuits, and my fascination with process, systems, and workflow. José Martí is my great great uncle, and that's pretty cool. I'm big on minimalism, the GTD organizational methodology, and sustainable practices for maintaining a healthy brain, bod, and society.

I aspire to do more art direction and work on independent projects, and am working daily to build up the skills and experience to make that dream a reality.

And that’s the basics!